Welcome To Your First Virtual Meal

07camera_ca2-articlelargeIt’s a virtual world .This is what we hear many times a day. Yes, it’s true. We have virtual games, virtual classes, virtual jobs, virtual sports and what not. The latest addition to the virtual family has left me completely speechless. Have you heard of a virtual restaurant? No, I am not joking. This concept has also come into existence.

The Project Nourished designed by super brain Jinsoo An has turned this into reality. You can actually consume whatever you want without gaining any pounds. For example if you feel like eating sushi, they will give you cubes of agar- agar molded as rice. Then you will have to wear a pair of oculus rift glasses. A head mounted display begins where you can actually see Sushi and smell it.

Your brain is tricked into believing you are actually eating sushi! You are under the illusion that you are having your favorite dish. The smells enhance this sensation. The result when you actually chew into the food may not be as great as the original dish would taste, however you can give the team more time to experiment with this too.

Jinsoo, your idea is a God send dream to people like me who have always wanted to shed weight and eat healthy (and keep failing at this attempt).

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