Monarchs – A Glimpse Into Their Magical World Before It’s Too Late

tales-of-vesperia-xbox-360-600x300Have you seen how majestic a monarch butterfly looks like? Do you know that these monarchs are great travelers and set a definite pattern every year which astonishes man? If you haven’t seen a monarch butterfly yet, please grab any chance to do so. There are mainly two reasons why you should observe this species. One – They are simply magnificent. Two- you may never see them again.

It is a known and alarming fact that monarch butterflies will no longer be seen anywhere on earth. They are facing a rapid decline in population and are nearing extinction. Butterfly lovers all over are worried and are trying their best to find sources to preserve this rare species.

The travel pattern of monarch butterflies is really wonderful. They migrate from Mexico to Canada e very spring. The whole group sets off to Mexico only to return in the fall. It takes four generations of these butterflies to make this trip to and fro. How they make this journey every year without fail is beyond scientific explanations. For now we can call it another secret mystery of Mother Nature.

Why are these butterflies facing danger now? One important factor is the decrease in Milkweed
Plants. Scientists have no solid proof for this fact; however milkweed is the main source of nutrition for monarch caterpillars. Farmers find this plant to be a nuisance and most of them destroy it. Pesticides are used in large volumes for this purpose. In the absence of this plant, the monarch species find it hard to survive. Other factors like deforestation, pollution, climatic changes, global warming etc add to the distressful situation.

Many people are now trying to save this population by replanting milkweed plants wherever they can. If most people try to do this, probably we can save these wonderful creatures for the future generations also to see and love.

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