Construction Gone Wrong! What Now

Construction defects

Construction Gone Wrong! What Now

Anybody who reads the papers will know of all of the contractor horror stories that are published every week – with homeowners losing thousands of dollars after placing their trust in the wrong construction team. If this happened to you, you need competent legal representation

A lot of the time, such losses occur due to a lack of care before construction has even started. Many people don’t even bother to sign a contract with their contractor and subsequently, there is little they can do once things go law

Taking the above into account, here is our guide to selecting the right type of procurement for your next home improvement project. It should be noted that this is only the tip of the iceberg and once you have selected one of the following three, you must then acquire a standard contract that can be used with your chosen method of procurement and complete it appropriately.

Traditional Procurement

As the name may indicate, the traditional method of procurement is the most common in the construction industry. In simple terms, it means that the design stage is completely separate from the construction – meaning that the project is basically split into two parts. The design of your project will have to be created before you can source the contractor.

There are several benefits to this method, most notably the certainty and the fact that it is the industry standard. In relation to the former, as you already have the design prepared, there are no excuses for the contractor not to provide you with an exact figure for the project. If they do not stick within this budget throughout the project, you are not liable for any additional costs. The popularity of the traditional procurement method means that practically every contractor out there will know how to work with it, and this will obviously promote efficiency.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback, with this focussed around time. As the project is split into two stages, design and construction, it will take slightly longer to complete than projects which are procured in different ways.

Design and Build Procurement

Again, the name gives everything away in relation to this procurement. Unlike the traditional method which was split into two stages, the main contractor is responsible for both designing and constructing the project. Unsurprisingly, this means that the project can run much more efficiently – as there is no overlap as is the case with traditional procurement. Furthermore, the design and build procurement method holds the similar advantage of certainty – as you and the contractor will agree on the cost of the project at the very beginning.

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect method and there are suggestions that this type of procurement does not promote the best quality design. This is because a lot of contractors merely specialise in one field, meaning that they may not be quite as proficient at designing as they are in actually carrying out the practical elements of the project.

Management Procurement

The final type of procurement we’ll take a look at management and if you are merely having a small alteration to your home, this is probably not going to be considered. It involves a main contractor being appointed and being responsible for managing the whole process – meaning that they appoint sub-contractors to carry out specific sections of the project. However, you will be responsible for sourcing a design professional – with the main professional only accountable for the practical elements of the contract.

To put the above into an example, we’ll look at the situation in relation to a proposed extension to your home. You will firstly hire an architect or design team to design the extension, before then sourcing a main contractor to manage the whole construction process in relation to this design. They will then hire contractors for each separate process; so this could be a large firm such as Taylor Lane for the frame of the extension, or NRC Ltd for the roof covering.faulty construction

Management procurement is another method that is regarded as being very efficient, as processes can overlap each other and the construction phase does not have to start once all of the designing has been performed. Furthermore, unlike the design and build system, the main contractor can bring in specialist teams which should help with the overall quality of the project.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of certainty with the management method, as each segment of work is let at a different time. Therefore, if you are working to a strict budget, this might not be the most advisable solution.

What to Do if You or a Loved One has Experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury

What to Do if You or a Loved One has Experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is an increasingly common diagnosis that actually affects thousends of Americans each year. There are a variety of causes and degrees of severity that may range from mild to moderate. The impact of such a diagnosis is life altering.head injury attorneys If you or a loved one has suffered such an injury it is always wise to seek legal consultation; even if unsure of who or if anyone may be at fault.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Some of the most common causes of brain injury include falls, automobile accidents and medical malpractice. In many of these instances, the injury could have been prevented and may be due to negligence or wrongdoing of another party. This can be very complex and the average person may not even be aware of this without obtaining proper legal consultation.

Lifelong Disability

A traumatic brain injury can cause lifelong disability, no matter how minor the injury seems. So-called minor effects can include but is not limited to problems with speech, memory and even concentration. Major problems may include remaining in a vegetative state or coma, partial or full paralysis and limited movement of the body. Other issues can involve problems with speech and speech recognition, emotional instability or the individual may lose the ability to think logically on an age appropriate level.Personal Injury Lawyer

Financial Impact

The financial impact as a result of a traumatic brain injury is often severe for the victim and family. Due to the previously mentioned disabilities, these individuals may not be able to hold down employment. This can create a huge problem especially if the victim is the sole bread winner or relied on employer sponsored health care. The cost of medical care alone is expensive without the kind of care that may be required following a brain injury. However, the victim or the family may be entitled to compensation that can cover a variety of things which can include: medical bills – deprivation of companionship – loss of income – altered quality of life care of dependents.

Do Not Accept a Settlement Offers

Due to the financial uncertainty, accepting a settlement offer from a corporation or insurance company may seem like the best option. This is never recommended. Typically, these companies will offer much less than what the claim may be worth and once accepted the party at fault cannot be held further liable. This means that the burden of future problems as a result will fall to the injured or their family. If approached with any type of offer for compensation, it should be ran by an attorney experienced in traumatic brain injury claims. Seek legal Consultation as Soon as PossibleDo not wait to seek legal consultation if you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Contacting an established legal firm immediately can save a lot of time, money and hassle. This can allow an experienced member of the legal team to begin scrutinizing the details of the injury immediately to determine if there may be reason to file claim for compensation. There are time limitations to file suit in many areas. There are no charges associated with an initial consultation and no obligation, so there is nothing to lose. Rather, the victim and the family can gain piece of mind knowing that someone may be able to help. Get legal help today!

Food And Diet For A Healthy Living


We are what we eat. All of us know when our tummy gets filled but still we keep on eating. Let us get into a good habit of diet by following these tips

Once we agree to a diet plan, the most common sentence you ever hear is take food in smaller portions. However, what if it is served in a bigger table? Studies have proved that even if it is a bigger table if you offer food in smaller quantities it makes the person feel full.

Break the fast, breakfast should be the major meal for everyone. It helps you to feel full and gives energy for the entire day and it helps the brain to be active and thus by creating lesser risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the early ages.

People encourage the battle against Alzheimer’s and Dementia now a day. The number of cases that gets registered for these diseases are coming down, which is happy news for all of us. Studies say that the major reason for this decline is education.

In a recent survey taken in people above 65 years of age showed that most of them do not have any of these diseases. Because the disease rate has dropped people are urging to get more education. Research people are still surprised as to how education has brought the cases down. However their theory says after being educated you starts thinking which gives a good exercise to the brain.

Researchers say that your body change also plays a part in increasing the risk of dementia like changes in your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

However when the risk of these diseases are declining we can still expect cases as population is increasing. Have any of your loved ones suffered from these diseases? Let us know of the ways you believe the human race can overcome lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity in the comments below.