Carnegie Deli –A Landmark That Will No Longer Be There

carnegie-23_cSuch disappointing news! Thousands of food lovers have been shocked to the core! A landmark of New York -the Carnegie deli is closing down. It is one of the most famous delis in New York. This place goes way back to 1937 when it was opened. Since then fans have loved it. The disappointment when the current owner decided that she was finding it very hard to keep up with the pace and she wanted to close down the place, is indescribable. The closing date as of now has been announced as December 31 2016.

Carnegie deli is very famous for its trademark dish pastrami coupled w
ith corned beef sandwiches stacked with rye. This is also called as The Woody Allen. New Yorkers simply love this combination and queue up to taste this.

As Marian Levine, the owner made the announcement, fans of this sandwich have begun to wait endlessly to have one more taste of their favorite food. None of them are happy with the decision and have been asking her to reconsider her decision. However at the age of 65, she says it is hard for her to keep up the pace.

Many fans have made requests to hand over ownership to someone else if she is really finding it hard to continue. They are hoping that the requests made publicly, on social media and by the 60 employees will not go unheard.

December 31st will certainly see the end of the year on a sad note as many people will lose one of their most loved places. Some people have actually claimed to move their residence into NY just to have access to the food at the Deli. This shows how good the food you get there is.

Let’s also hope against hope that a miracle happens and Levine changes her mind.

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